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Transmission Rebuilds

We are Tallahassee’s Transmission
Experts. This is what we do well.

We repair, rebuild, and install all
types of Transmissions. We are
Specialists in all Types of domestic
and many import Transmissions.
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Transmission Replacement

All of the parts of your transmission
are replaced not just the parts that
have failed or worn out. This is an
option for transmissions that
cannot be rebuilt because
they are too damaged.

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Transmission Installation

If you have a transmission that
needs to be put into your vehicle,
Look no farther, we will do our best
to put you back on the road
as fast as possible.

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Monday - Friday: 7:30AM to 6:00PM
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Welcome to American Transmission and Auto
American Transmission
and Auto is a name you can trust.

Transmissions, engines, and general auto repair work, is what American Transmission and Auto is all about. We work with just about every make and model of car and truck, from rebuilding automatic transmissions to resolving drive train Issues, to general auto repair and maintenance.

Quality auto repair service is a vital component of having your vehicles run smoothly and effectively. Proper maintenance and repair of small symptoms, found early and done correctly, can help prevent more expensive repair later.